FAQ – Pet Sitting


Frequently Asked Questions

  • I have 3 cats, does it cost more than if I only had 1 cat?
    • No, the price is per visit up to a maximum of 3 cats.  If there are more than 3 cats, then the price will differ as there will be more litter trays and duties to undertake.
  • My rabbit is used to chopped fresh vegetables – will you be able to prepare the food? 
    • Yes, we will carry out instructions as to the preparation of their food.  The food will be provided by you in advance and kept at your house.  If fresh food is needed (which can’t be kept in the fridge for up to the length of your absence), we can discuss this at booking to ensure we can accommodate your pet’s dietary needs.
  • Will you stay at my property to look after my pets and home?
    • We do not provide full time house sitting at the moment.  This pet sitting service is a pop-in type service where we will visit your home once or twice a day to take care of your pets.  We can provide some house sitting type services like putting the bins out, opening and closing curtains, watering the plants etc., but we would not be spending the night at your property.
  • Where are you based?
    • We are located in Gorleston, near Great Yarmouth and Lowestoft.  For further details, please see our Google Maps reference.