Cat and Small Animal Care


Cat Care

Your pet may have additional needs at specific times of the day when you are at work or away. For example, you may have a cat that has a medical condition that needs medication or care in the middle of the day when you are at work, or may be recovering from an operation and needs to be let out for supervised exercise during the day.  Or maybe you have a puppy who can’t be left alone all day when you are work and you need someone to pop in and check on them, or let them into the garden for toilet needs and some play time.

Puppy VisitsThere are a variety of needs which you might need assistance with when you can’t be there for whatever reason. We provide a pop-in service where we will visit your premises to help you and your pet with these needs.

We can pop in once, twice or three times a day, depending on your needs.  We can also spend more time with your pets should they need more company or have special needs.

There will be an initial consultation in your home to allow us to meet you and your pet/s.  At this free consultation, we will discuss your wishes and will work out a plan to suit your requirements.  If you are happy to proceed, we will complete and sign documentation (including a booking form and service agreement).

You and your pet are unique and so we take a personalised approach – there is no ‘one size fits all’ type of pop-in service.  If you aren’t sure whether we can help, please just ask and we can discuss the situation with you and advise if we are able to be of service.
Small Animal Care
If your home is outside of the 5 mile radius from our home, I will apply additional costs dependent on the distance and will calculate each trip at time of request.

We are located near Great Yarmouth (Gorleston On Sea) which is ideal for people from North Suffolk, South Norfolk near the East Coast.