Losing a pet is a very emotional time. It impacts our lives on so many levels, and there is often many things to think about and do, when you are trying to cope with your loss.

We can offer help with planning ahead, as well as some of the more difficult tasks you are faced with at the end, like collecting ashes from the vet, collecting your pet from home and personally taking them to the crematorium and delivering the ashes back in person, helping with disposal of medications, or collection of belongings from the vet.

Planning Ahead

We can help you plan for your pet’s arrangements ahead of time – whether it be what happens when they pass away, or if you pass away before them.

Farewell PlannerWe can help you write a Farewell Planner which details your wishes for your pet when they pass away, from burial to cremation, type of casket or urn or where you would like their ashes to be scattered.  This helps to take the stress out of making decisions as you will be thinking with a clear head instead of trying to think when you are grieving.  You can keep this document at home with your pet’s records, and even give a copy to your vet so they are also aware of your wishes.

If you are concerned that you may pass away before your pet, then we can help you with planning for that.  The Dog’s Trust, for example, have a Canine Care Card where they agree to look after your dog and find them another home.  The RSPCA have a similar scheme for pets, and we can help you make the arrangements.

We understand that having peace of mind about your pet’s life and passing is important, and we offer the Planning Ahead service free of charge.

Support Services

Bereavement SupportThere are often things which take us by surprise as to how emotionally difficult they are to face when you are grieving for your pet.  Things like going to the vet to pick up belongings or ashes, or taking back unused medication.  We can support you and take care of some of these tasks for you.

If your pet passes away at home, you may wish for them to be cremated, and we can transport your pet to the crematorium and return the ashes to you personally.

Our aim is to offer you support in a way that you need – everyone is different and we want to tailor the service to meet your needs.

Please get in touch and we can discuss your needs to see if we can make the process a bit easier for you.

As each circumstance will be different, we are unable to provide a ‘one size fits all’ price list, and we will discuss this with you upon enquiry once we have established your requirements.